Red Star® Nutritional Yeast for food service

Food industry

Red Star® Nutritional Yeast is now entering into Food Service in the US. To be in line with the specific needs of this market, our offer is evolving. 

The nutritional golden nugget Red Star® Nutritional Yeast is now available for food service. Our yeast is full of nutrients including non-animal protein, fibers, and minerals. In addition, this nutritional yeast is fortified with B vitamins including vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for many populations including vegan and vegetarian. B12 is found in animal product such meat, eggs, dairy products. Seniors should be supplemented with B12 due to swallowing restriction and motility disorders. A supplementation with B12 is associated to immune health and a better energy metabolism. 

This new offer was launch during Natural Products Expo West 2023. For the ones that were not present,  

You can discover all on this video. 

Takeaway use 

Many people do not consume food directly in the restaurant. They do not have time, or they prefer to consume away for the restaurant outside, at the office or at home. For that we offer, a single dose sachet to sprinkle the yeast directly on the meal such as a salad, noodles, or a sandwich. 

Directly in the restaurant 

When you are at the restaurant, you may want to eat there to enjoy the moment. Our 3.0 oz jar can be placed on the table close to sauces and seasonings to appreciate a healthy meal in a restaurant. 

Nutritional Yeast in the kitchen 

In food service, one of the most important players is the chef. We did not forget them. To make their lives easier, we offer Red Star® Nutritional Yeast in pail that are easy to manipulate thanks to the handle. These pails are perfect to fill steam table pans or even to refill 3.0 oz jars  

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Red Star - Healthy food is on the rise. Red Star® nutritional yeast is a solution to support this trend. This golden nutritional nugget is full of nutrients, such as non-animal protein, mineral and B vitamins.