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The nutritional nugget for food

Nutritional yeast for food

We offer different nutritional yeast to meet our customers needs.

For brand owners, we supply product in bulk to allow them to repack the yeast in their own packaging. Different sizes of nutritional yeast in flakes are available, from small to large flakes to fit with customer’s applications.

For grocery stores, we provide turnkey offer with nutritional yeast already packed in individual jars. These jars can be displayed directly in the store to be purchases as is.

Interested by purchasing Red Star® nutritional yeast, please contact us.

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A nutritional yeast designed for food service

Nutritional yeast for food service

We offer a special range dedicated to the food service market.

For distributors, and food service actors (restaurants, hotels, food chain, cafeteria…), we offer turnkey solutions packaged into specific packaging.

We offer small jar that can be placed directly on the table to sprinkle the yeast on the meal.

Red Star® nutritional yeast for food service can be packaged into individual sachet that are perfect for on-the-go use.

Red Star® nutritional yeast can be used directly in the kitchen by chefs when packaged into pails. The wrist on the pail makes the manipulation easy to fill steam table pan.


For brand owners, we offer our small jars and individual sachets on your own brand.

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Our promise

Make nutrition accessible to all to promote healthy lifestyle.


Red Star® supplies high qualitative product.


We offer reliable services and products to serve our customers.


All our products are produced by fermentation, a natural production process.


Our products offer to consumers a reliable source of nutrients that help them stay healthy.


Our products are produced in our plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Red Star® nutritional yeast is manufactured since 1975.