Red Star®- A switch to conscious food 

Red Star - A switch to conscious food

Healthy food becomes a top priority for consumers. COVID accentuated this situation. During this time US consumers experimenting with conscious food habit. This trend continues to thrive. 

Consumers are sometimes confused about what food is conscious. Conscious eating also includes healthy foods and sustainable ingredients. Commitment in health, including healthy food, is getting stronger. 

70% of consumers want to be healthier. They view nutritious food as the primary means to achieve this objective. Most of consumers considered healthy eating as reducing consumption of processed foods and sugar, as well as fat, salt, and, for some, red meat. This kind of consumers is also called enlightened eaters. 

Consumers from 18 to 24 years old are more sensitive to allergy and intolerance. These consumers are looking for reduced ingredients list without gluten, dairy, or any kind of allergen. 

In addition to shorter ingredient list, consumers are looking for fresh food and food without any artificial ingredient. 

A turn to sustainability

Healthy food is mainly associated to sustainability. The switch to healthy food goes hand to hand with more sustainable food. Enlightened eaters are highly sensitive to sustainability. They want to limit their impacts on climate change. It induces change in their daily life including food consumption. They are looking for non-animal products, products made from fermentation. 

Among the enlightened eaters the part of flexitarian and vegan is growing with years. Reducing the consumption of meat and animal product may lead to gap in diet. A prevalent deficiency in vegetarian/vegan diets often revolves around protein intake. Another common one is link to vitamin B12 deficiency. 

A nutritional yeast to support them all

Red Star® nutritional yeast is a nutritional nugget in line with consumers requirements. This nutritional nugget is considering as healthy food. It offers an excellent nutritional profile full of non-animal protein, fibers and B vitamins including B12. This product is derived from the fermentation using by-product from the sugar industry, which makes it more than sustainable. 

Latest news

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