Cheeseless Alfredo Ziti with Oven Roasted Broccoli and Melted Tomatoes

Cheeseless Alfredo Ziti with Oven Roasted Broccoli and Melted Tomatoes


Preheat oven to 450 degrees, Toss Broccoli with olive oil, and place on parchment lined sheet pans. 

When oven is to temp, put broccoli in for 10 to 15 min just to caramelize and brown the tips.  Remove from oven and turn oven off, and close the doors. Set Broccoli aside.  

Mix second oil and wine with tomatoes and put on parchment lined sheet pans. Quickly place in ovens and close doors let sit in oven while preparing the rest of the dish, can sit up to an hour to melt the tomatoes. 

Cook the pasta in salted water with the roasted broccoli, until al dente. Once done, drain pasta and broccoli and set aside.  

Melt butter over medium heat. Once butter is melted, add garlic, and flour and stir until flour has browned, making a roux.  

Whisk in broth, yeast and almond milk until smooth, bring to a boil then reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 6-8 minutes until sauce thickens up. Season with salt and pepper. 

Once mixture thickens, reduce heat to low and whisk in parmesan cheese. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary  

Remove tomatoes from oven, they should be softened and “melted” Carefully rough chop the tomatoes and set aside. 

With the Sauce gently stir in the pasta and broccoli. Serve immediately.  

Garnish with Melted Tomatoes extra parmesan and parsley. Enjoy! 

Nutritional information

6 portions

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Broccoli Florets  1.25 Lbs.  

Olive Oil 1 ½ Cup 

Roma Tomatoes, Cut in Quarters Long Ways 1.5 Lbs. 

Olive Oil ¼ Cup 

White Wine ¼ Cup 

Whole Wheat Ziti 4 ¼ Lbs. 

Butter (can use Vegan Butter) 4 tsp 

Garlic, Finely Chopped 4 tsp 

White Whole Wheat Flour ¼ Cup 

Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 ½ Cups 

Salt 4 tsp 

Vegan Parmesan Cheese, Grated 4.5 oz 

Red Star Nutritional Yeast, Flakes 1 oz 

Parsley, Chopped as Needed