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Natural Product Expo West 2023 is an event not be missed! Indeed, during this tradeshow Red Star® will get a makeover. This new look includes a new product range and a new website.

Red Star®, the famous yeast brand, is changing. American customers trusted Red Star® yeast since 1887 thanks to high standard and qualitative products. After years of good and loyal service, Red Star® is making a makeover.

This makeover includes firstly a new website which is in line with American customer needs. In this website you will discover the history of Red Star®, the benefits of Red Star® nutritional yeast. Additional information is available on our FAQ page to see all questions that are essential for consumers. For yeast lovers, this website offers delicious recipes including Red Star® nutritional yeast.

A new Red Star® offer

To meet evolving customers needs, Red Star® is evolving to be as close as possible to consumers. During Natural Product Expo West 2023, the new Red Star® offer will be presented. This new offer is dedicated to the food service market. 

Dedicated packaging will be showcased. These packaging were developed to be used by chefs in the restaurants, in the salad bars, the cafeterias… This offer is not only dedicated to chefs, we also designed new ones for consumers to be used in the restaurant or on-the-go.

Thanks to this offer, Red Star® nutritional yeast benefits are available outside home. Consumers will be able to consume their favorite nutritional yeast everywhere. Knowing Red Star® nutritional yeast offers many key nutrients that are essential. Indeed, Red Star® nutritional yeast is packed with B-vitamins including vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin for vegan and vegetarian. Indeed, B12 is found in animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy products including cheese.

Red Star® nutritional yeast also contains non-animal proteins, fibers, and mineral.

This excellent nutritional profile makes Red Star® nutritional yeast perfect for everyone that want to fill the gaps in their diet.

Moreover, Red Star® is tasty which is important for food product. 

Visit us during Natural Products Expo West 2023 to discover our new offer.

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