The 5 steps in manufacturing nutritional yeast through natural fermentation.

The world leader in manufacturing premium quality yeast and yeast derivatives for the past 150 years, Lesaffre utilizes an automated and precisely controlled five-step procedure to grow our nutritional yeast.



All Lesaffre nutritional yeast products start with a pure parent yeast culture of non-genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Our technicians prepare the culture in our laboratory following strict quality control procedures. The seed yeast is grown in sterile flasks and then transferred to large stainless steel fermentation tanks, where it will be cultivated.



During the cultivation process, Lesaffre precisely controls the temperature, pH and “diet” of the yeast in order to create the optimal growing conditions. The yeast is “fed” a purified medium of nutrients and air.



Once the growing process is complete, the fermented yeast liquid is passed through a centrifuge, which concentrates and thoroughly washes the yeast cells. The resultant product is an off-white liquid called “nutritional yeast cream.”



The nutritional yeast cream is then pasteurized, which renders the yeast inactive. During this period, vitamins or minerals may be added to enhance the nutritional profile of the yeast.



Finally, the yeast is dried on roller drum dryers and sized. Then, it is ready to ship to customers!